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Notes on Red76's Occupy Yr. Home

Heath Schultz and Samuel Gould

'Place setting: notes on Red76's Occupy Yr. Home' is a collaborative piece of writing between Heath Schultz and Sam Gould, primary organiser of the artist group Red76. The piece doubles as a critical review of the Red76 project 'Occupy Yr. Home' – a facilitated conversation in a participant's home around the themes of occupation and the domestic sphere. The text explores problems that plague much participatory art and social practice. Unique to this piece of writing is a parallel conversation (played out in the footnotes) in which Sam responds to Heath's review, offering anecdotes, clarifications, and thoughts. The dialogue within the footnotes suggests divergent viewpoints from the 'authoritative text'. In this way, the experimental form of the piece struggles with the important question of how different experiences of the same event can texture and complicate discourses around participatory art.