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cONcErn: towards a 'mesology' of art, for art, and through art

Cécile Colle and Ralf Nuhn

This exposition focuses on our current artistic project, cONcErn, which aspires to be both an investigation of the milieu of art and the creation of a milieu for art and through art. Concretely, the project revolves around a host space for artworks that for logistical reasons (transport, storage, etc.) are at risk of destruction, disposal, or abandonment. We begin by giving an account of our preceding artistic research from which the project emerged. Thereafter we discuss the conceptual framework of cONcErn, in particular its alignment with our understanding of the environment as an eco-techno-symbolic system. In this context, we explain our rationale for adhering to the rather unusual term 'mesology' and explore key notions, such as diversity and visibility, which inform the project on a theoretical and practical level. Finally, we provide a snapshot of the initial activities and practical experiences that cONcErn has so far engendered.