City & country
Porto, Portugal
Associate Editor, Igarapés Channel

Elisa Noronha is a researcher at the Transdisciplinary Research Centre for Culture, Space and Memory/Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (CITCEM/FLUP) in Portugal. With a Ph.D. in Museology (Portugal), and a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Visual Arts (Brasil), her area of expertise is the intersection between Museum Studies and Artistic Research, acting upon on the confluence point between museums and contemporary art (collections, exhibitions, agency, institutionalism, etc.), which she believes is a profoundly challenging form of thought.

Her current research interests focus on the relationship between contemporary art, heritage and community engagement; and in its implications for narratives and museological discourses, which concerns issues of ethics, inclusion, the right to memory (past/present/future) and knowledge sharing.

Along the way of her research practice, she is engaged as a professor at the Faculties of Arts and Humanities and of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, in Portugal, lecturing disciplines at the Master programs of  Museology and Museological and Curatorial Studies, and supervising Master and Ph.D. students. 

Elisa Noronha as well pursuits a more authorial work that started with an artistic practice centered on video art which currently merges on the curatorial practice of exhibitions and other artistic/cultural productions.

Among her most recent production (last 5 years) include the book Discourses and Reflexivity: a study on the musealisation of contemporary art (2017)1; the exhibition Imagined territories. Cerveira Art Biennial Foundation: the Collection on the road(2019)2, at Museo del Crudo, San Sperate, Sardinia, Italy; the article Artists’ books in museums (2020)3 published in Museum Management and Curatorship; Exhibition design for artists’ books: a short handbook (2020)4, a communication presented at the International Congress Museum Exhibition Design: Histories and Futures, at the Centre for Design History, University of Brighton, United Kingdom; and For a rotation of the gaze. The Cerveira International Art Biennial narrated in the feminine 5, a audio documentary about the Cerveira International Art Biennial, produced in 2020 and 2021, in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.