City & country
Italy & UK
Research interests
new materialism
continental philosophy
performative and discursive practices
computational turn
creative coding practices
curatorial activism

Costanza Tagliaferri is a researcher based between Italy and the UK. With a background in continental philosophy, Costanza specialised in ‘Art & Visual Culture’ at Radboud University (NL). Her research focuses on digital art and creative coding practices to explore a more ecological relationship with technology going further the mere utilisation and commodification of apps and interfaces. Looking at contemporary art production, Costanza researches how artists are employing digital techniques in terms of playfulness rather than efficiency, and how art can be a way to visualise how we are changing in these times of ever-growing digitalisation. Relying on ethnographic methodologies, Costanza aims to investigate creative practice to stimulate a more interactive response of the audience – inspiring a more proactive attitude as users rather than just consumers.