City & country
Colombia / UK
Independent researcher
Editorial Board
Research interests
pharmacoloniality, curatorial, cybernetics, design, discursive practices, fiction, political aesthetics, epistemic confusion, knowledge infrastructures, politics of artistic research

Manuel Ángel Macía is a UK-based Latinx interdisciplinary researcher, artist, and educator. He holds a PhD from the Art Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. His work entails installation, curatorial platforms for knowledge exchange, editorial work, and lecture-performance. His work has been shown in the UK, Europe, and Latin America. Currently, his projects explore Acoustemologist Julio Ramos’ concept of pharmacoloniality in the context of the contemporary global War on Drugs; and the futural articulations of Project Cybersyn, a nation-wide computer network to manage Chile’s transition from capitalism to socialism through cybernetic principles (1971–1973).

Manuel is also Resident Artist at Primary (Nottingham) and was a founding member of the Goldsmiths Latin American Hub (2014–2017).

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