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Hinges of correlation: Spatial devices of social coexistence

Espen Lunde Nielsen

This project investigates the coexistence of and the correlation between the inhabitants within my apartment building, using artistic practices and my own lived experience. These everyday spaces form the primary interface between the individual and the larger social entity of the city. Consciously, or partly unknowingly, one interacts with others through spatial demarcations, using embedded spatial devices (such as squeaking floorboards, peepholes, mailboxes, etc.) that project life and the presence of other people through sound, light, or matter. Most of these devices are partly unintended, often serve other practical functions, and go unnoticed – but nevertheless hold a latent spatial potential for a recalibration of the social dimension of the city and an architecture to come. This exposition features a combination of photography, 3D laser scans, and creative writing, followed by a written account of the practice.