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Creative Practices and Public Engagement

Daša Spasojevic, Ana Souto Galvan

Abstract This exposition explores the role of creative practices in creating methods for public engagement and the promotion and recognition of tangible and intangible heritage at a local community level. It argues that principles of participatory design and co-creation have the power to contribute to community social cohesion and development. A literature review covering the main concepts and methods is introduced to provide an appropriate context to the main case study: Mapping Nottingham’s Identity. This research project includes the methodological and conceptual frameworks which were piloted and tested in collaboration with three localities within Nottingham (Sneinton, Carrington and West Bridgford), including different stakeholders (community organisations, higher education, primary schools, local authorities and the general public), producing a variety of outputs (a participatory methods’ toolkit, performative maps, community furniture, exhibition, websites) and reflecting on their role in creating meaningful interactions and place-making.