JAR is invested in the mediality and non-verbal articulation of artistic research. The journal’s creation was linked to the development of the Research Catalogue (RC) and with it came the possibility to publish media in ways not controlled by a preconceived layout or styling. Having worked with rich-media submissions of artistic research for a while, it has become clear that technology matters insofar as it enables certain modes of articulation, but that it will not determine how practice is exposed as research and what understanding is gained in the end.

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Playing off Rosalind Krauss’s differentiation between ‘technical support’ and ‘medium,’ we could suggest that the RC hosts ‘media’ (image, video, sound, text…) but that these—together with the ‘glue’ that html provides—only support an exposition. Its mediality has to be found somewhere else, most likely as an emergent feature of an exposition at hand, that is, the page in which media are ‘installed.’