Upcoming deadlines:

  • JAR14: 17 March 2017
  • JAR15: 7 July 2017

We invite submissions to JAR from all fields and disciplines in which artistic research may be relevant, including areas that may not usually be conceived of as 'artistic'. Although the journal has emerged as a result of demand in the academic field, JAR welcomes submissions from practitioners with or without academic affiliations.

The key problem for many involved in artistic research is ‘writing’ and its authority. In response to this, JAR introduces a new format for publishing artistic research, the ‘exposition’, a multi-media document that can combine and interlink text, image, film and audio material on one or more scrollable pages.

Contributors compose expositions using an online editing space, the Research Catalogue, and we welcome a variety of approaches to the form, scale, number and balance of contents. That said, submissions to JAR must meet one key requirement; they must expose artistic practice as research.

This process goes beyond simply documenting, describing or writing about work. It engages actively with the questions and claims about knowledge within practice. Text-centred expositions are perfectly acceptable, but JAR offers the possibility to challenge traditional modes of (critical) writing that use works as illustration and text as explanation. In this sense, ‘writing’ here is not understood as synonymous with text.

All submissions to the journal need to be made through the Research Catalogue, and created using the online editing space. Submissions should be in English and there is no word limit (as contributors can expose research with more, less or no text). Instead we request that a reader/viewer of the exposition should be able to access all essential aspects of the exposition in the period of an hour of investigation.

If interested in submitting, the first step is to register for an account, which is free of charge. Login details are sent by email and once received offer access to the editing space. Once logged in, an online tutorial helps to create pages, upload text, image, film and sound and combine them to make expositions. These are easily viewed as a web page and users can invite others to look at them, and collaborate with them along the way.

Before embarking on a submission to the journal you should contact us by Email to see if your research is suitable. Completed expositions can be easily submitted to the journal with just two clicks from the profile page. From there they are passed to the editorial board, and if accepted, on to peer review by a minimum of three reviewers. The Peer-Reviewing Guide gives more details of how these are conducted and how submissions are assessed.

We accept and review submissions as they come in, and currently publish two issues a year, in Spring and Autumn.

Contact Phoebe Stubbs, our managing editor, should you have any further questions.

Journal for artistic research

ISSN 2235-0225