Whom do we want to reach with JAR?

  • professional artistic researchers from all fields: fine arts, music, theatre, dance, curators and other key players in the arts, etc.
  • practicing artists
  • academics

How is JAR financed?

  • JAR is financed by SAR, which receives income from individual and institutional membership fees, and also sponsorship
  • strategic alliances with research projects such as the Artistic Research Catalogue (ARC) also allow JAR to develop its infrastructure

How are individual and institutional interests balanced?

  • voting rights are the same for institutional and individual members
  • JAR and SAR supports non-institutional artistic researchers, for example, by organizing travel grants for Annual Meetings, etc

What is the difference between publishing in the Research Catalogue (RC) and in JAR?

  • RC is inclusive, open-ended, and bottom-up
  • any aspect of a research project can published within the RC
  • in contrast to the RC, JAR is peer-reviewed, which in JAR's case means that throughout the preparation of an exposition for publication in JAR there is close exchange between authors and editors

How can I publish in JAR?

  • begin an RC entry and when you think your exposition is ready for consideration submit it for review from within the RC interface
  • your exposition will then be brought to the attention of a specialist editor who will initiate the review process
  • following review, you will be contacted to discuss any changes, etc., that might be necessary

How can I become a referee?

  • the quality of JAR relies heavily on the quality of reviews; so, if you have substantial expertise in artistic research in your fields of interest and are interested in acting as a referee, please contact us Editor (Reviews)

How can I influence the strategy, content, attitude of JAR?

  • JAR is guided by input from the SAR Executive Board and its members
  • we believe that quality is not democratic, but a question of discussion and argumentation, therefore, we support special-interest forums, allowing a wide range of people to be involved in the strategic developments of JAR:
    • do become a member of SAR and attend the Annual Meetings
    • do put yourself forward for election to the SAR Executive Board or apply for appointment to the Editorial Board

Journal for artistic research

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